Popular Hawaii Travel Destinations

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The best hotel card will feature favourable terms and conditions that make travelling easier and more affordable. The most attractive offers usually come with some type of airline miles program. Air miles programs allow frequent fliers to earn generous air miles that can be used to book flights and other types of travel experiences. Whether you want to take a long weekend or a short holiday, there are exceptional travel experiences waiting for you on the world’s best island resorts.

A great stay begins with a wonderful environment and welcoming staff. Whether you’re visiting San Diego or Hawaii, opt for a classic old-world boutique hotel with a warm welcoming staff and beautiful surroundings. Choose from a variety of accommodations including bed and breakfast, quaint cottages, guest houses, hotels, motels and b&b accommodations. If you prefer a more secluded atmosphere, choose a seaside inn or a cozy cabin in a rustic town. You can even find a fabulous stay on the Big Island of Hawaii, which is only about a 90-minute ferry ride away from Oahu.

Choose an amazing view with the best views from your luxury hotel room balcony. Get on top of the world by exploring the island with a thrilling jet ski rental or a breathtaking boat ride. Plan a tropical island vacation with a thrilling zip line adventure or take a scenic tour down the Hualalai River. Experience the colors of nature at one of the four world class sunset beach restaurants. Experience the calming powers of a white luau with exotic dancers performed by the best local hula dancers. Dive into the deep blue waters of a tropical lagoon to feed the white shark or experience the serenity of a dolphin dive.

Your travel destinations don’t have to disappoint when it comes to providing guests with the best hotel experiences. Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway, a fun-filled family vacation or you want to explore the uncharted territory of Hawaii’s undersea world, you will discover some remarkable options. These incredible hotels offer fantastic amenities and delicious cuisine. Guests will love the tropical island atmosphere, the excellent dining experiences and the unique travel experiences that await them at these five-star facilities. When you stay at one of the best hotels on the islands, you will feel like a king or queen of the island. The following are just some of the many exciting travel experiences you can expect to have when you choose to stay at one of the best hotel brands in Hawaii: