What Is Travel?

Travel means to go from one place to another especially by car, train or plane. Travel is also used to describe the process of visiting different countries or regions for pleasure or business. The term is used in a wide range of ways with the most popular being holidays and vacations.

The word has a number of related terms including the plural travels and the noun traveller. The word is polysemic, meaning it has a large number of interpretations, explanations and understandings. It is not unusual for the word to have a number of synonyms and colloquial uses.

Historically, travel was more of an arduous and dangerous undertaking than it is today. This is largely due to technological and cultural advances. For example, it took 10 weeks for Christopher Columbus to sail from Spain to the United States but now flights take only a few hours.

Many people travel to experience new cultures, places and people. The resulting experiences can be profoundly life changing. Travel can teach us to appreciate and value diversity. It can encourage self-reflection and encourage global action to help make our world a better place. It can also provide opportunities to challenge yourself in unfamiliar situations.

People may travel for a variety of reasons including recreation,[4] holidays and rejuvenation,[5] tourism and vacationing, research travel and gathering of information, visiting family and friends, religious pilgrimages,[6] mission trips or waging or fleeing war.[7] People can travel by foot, bicycle, motorbike, public transport, automobile, bus, ship, train or airplane.

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