The Best Hotel in NYC

best hotel

Whether it’s an opulent luxury stay near top NYC attractions or a sleek boutique hotel in one of the city’s trendiest neighborhoods, these hotels have hospitality down to a T. They may not have the celebrity glitz of The Mark or the Michelin-starred restaurants of Le Bernadin, but they do provide the same kind of personal touches that make New Yorkers so proud of their home. From bespoke spas to rooftop pools, these hotels serve up the best of NYC and are the perfect place to stay in the city.

Choosing the right hotel can feel daunting. There’s the question of which category to choose, whether it’s a hotel, motel, resort or short-term rental (or perhaps a vacation house or Airbnb). And there’s always the issue of cost and amenities. What’s more, the definition of “best” can vary from one traveler to another. Here are some of the best hotels across various categories and regions, according to recent surveys from travelers and experts.

The list below is based on an expert panel’s votes, as well as data from the hotel’s own websites and other research sources. Experts also weigh in on the hotels’ amenities, location, design and service.

While the definition of “best hotel” is subjective, a few brands consistently rank among the world’s best. The members-only group Luxury Travel Intelligence releases annual rankings that analyze many hotels within a brand in granular detail, including the company’s ethos and staff. The rankings are based on more than 100 “touch points,” according to the website.

The most popular hotel brand, Wyndham, boasts more locations than any other, putting it in the position to offer more choices to travelers. Its properties include suite-style rooms with separate living and sleeping spaces, a feature that makes it a great choice for families. And the chain offers a generous rewards program.

In contrast, the Marriott brand focuses on business travel, offering spacious conference rooms and plenty of business-friendly features. Its loyalty program, Starwood Preferred Guest, gives guests a chance to earn free stays.

Best Western has a strong presence around the world, and its properties are typically located in cities that are easy to get to. But its loyalty program is not as robust as those of some competitors, and it has a lower rate structure for its rooms.

For a more exclusive experience, consider staying at a boutique property. These hotels are generally smaller than larger chains’ hotels, and often feature unique architecture or interior design that sets them apart from their competition. And while they might be more expensive, the extra costs are often offset by perks like personalized concierge services and a more intimate experience.