The Best Hotel in New York

New York City has no shortage of hotels. Its luxe offerings run the gamut from opulent five-star stays to boutique budget options. Designer details, out-of-the-box amenities and Michelin-starred chefs are standard. And while many of NYC’s top inns are century-old institutions, some upstarts are testing their ability to stay fresh.

The 50 Best organization recently released its first-ever list of the world’s best hotels, based on nominations by travel journalists and hoteliers from around the globe. It’s no surprise that luxury hotels dominated the top 10. France, with six properties in the top 20, and Italy, with five, were the most represented countries.

Among the winners is the Carlyle, built in 1930 and still imprinted into the zeitgeist as “the place to be.” A Rosewood property, it’s known for its swanky Art Deco design (you can buy wallpaper patterned with little martini glasses on a pink background) and top-notch service. The Carlyle’s Dowling’s at the Carlyle is a restaurant that has hosted every president since Truman and serves dishes crafted by chef Sylvain Delpique.

But the Carlyle is just one of dozens of dazzling hotels that have made the cut. Some are located in trendier neighborhoods, while others occupy historic landmarks or are set in iconic locations. All offer high-end rooms, a variety of amenities and, most important, a warm welcome.

To help you find the right hotel for your vacation, we’ve compiled our picks of the best hotels in New York, from sleek boutique hotels that are a step ahead of their neighbors to opulent luxury resorts that offer unsurpassed views and a wide range of spa and wellness amenities. We also included some of the most affordable hotels, if you’re on a budget or looking for a short weekend getaway.

When researching hotels, always read the reviews, but keep in mind that the hotel business knows how to manipulate the system. Some of the review sites have algorithms that block negative reviews, which can lead to a skewed picture of the hotel’s reputation. Look for a mix of positive and negative reviews, and be sure to consider how the hotel responded. A quick and apologetic response, for instance, can be an indication of a genuine effort to make things right. Also, take note of the location—do you want to be near a tourist trap? Or is a more residential neighborhood the best fit for your stay?