How to Get Into the Hotel Business


Hotels have a rich history that can be traced back to ancient times. In the earliest days, people used to stay at private homes and inns in order to keep warm and dry. But with the rise of steam navigation and canals, the role of hotels expanded substantially. Hotels became important sites of political and social life. Political parties and factions set up their headquarters in hotels and used these locations as public forums. Political figures would often make speeches from hotel windows and hold toasts in crowded halls. They also became targets for attack during times of domestic strife.

In the post-World War II years, the hotel industry began to expand globally to serve international travelers. It was at this time that the hotel industry started to be more standardized. One of the most influential figures in this movement was E. M. Statler, who opened the first chain of hotels. His business model included cost cutting and standardization. His innovations helped transform the way hotels operated in the twentieth century.

The hospitality industry offers great career opportunities. In order to excel in this field, people must possess specific skills and qualifications. Fortunately, many academic institutions and educators offer courses in the field. These courses can help you build up these skills and earn the qualifications you need to work in the hotel industry. Once you have completed your hotel management course, you can start your hotel career and begin earning money.

A period of prosperity brought about a renaissance in the hotel industry. Several hotels were built, including the famed Waldorf Astoria in New York. A second hotel boom took place in the fifties, with the construction of the first casino hotels and the development of airline companies’ own hotels.

Boutique hotels are another type of hotel that offer a luxurious and upmarket experience. These are generally smaller and less expensive than normal hotel rooms and are often located in trendy urban areas. Another type of hotel is the condo hotel, which is a hotel in a condominium building. This style combines the luxury of a holiday home with the service and comfort of a hotel.

Apart from the traditional chain hotels, there are also independent hotels that are owned by private companies. Unlike chain hotels, independent hotels are typically smaller and offer personal service. Independent hotels are located all over the world and are often a better option for travelers. These hotels are often cheaper than the chain hotels. Moreover, they are located closer to major tourist attractions, so they are a more cost-effective option.

Standard operations offer a basic lodging but vary in amenities. They may be independent or a part of a larger hotel chain. These hotels aim to provide a comfortable stay for travelers on a budget. These hotels tend to fall in the economy and midscale classifications and usually do not include full-service restaurants.