How to Find the Best Hotel

best hotel

Finding the best hotel is a key element in planning a great trip. With so many options, it’s important to read reviews carefully, especially when considering a high-end property. This can help travelers avoid costly mistakes, make the most of their time and money, and enjoy a comfortable night’s sleep while on vacation.

Reviewing hotels is easy with a number of helpful websites, including OTAs (online travel agencies), hotel sites and aggregators. The most popular is TripAdvisor, which has nearly 661 million reviews of hotels, restaurants, attractions and airlines.

When sifting through reviews, look for those from recent guests. This can help you glean information about current amenities and customer service, which tend to change over time. Read a mix of positive and negative reviews, and don’t be afraid to look at hotel photos. If the images are faked, this could indicate a fraudulent user or an attempt to boost a hotel’s reputation.

Business travelers should consider staying at hotels that offer amenities specifically designed for them. This can include free Wi-Fi, a dedicated concierge for booking tours and activities, and meeting space in the hotel. Some chains even have a separate suite designed for business travelers, with features like a work desk, robes and slippers, and snacks and drinks.

Families should focus on choosing hotels with kid-friendly facilities and amenities. For example, a pool or waterpark can provide hours of fun for children and adults. It’s also helpful to look for hotels that have a variety of dining options and are close to family-friendly attractions.

New York City has no shortage of eye-catching hotels, and some are ranked among the best in the world. From the 22-floor stunner in Brooklyn to the elegant Lowell in Manhattan, these hotels have earned top spots based on design, amenities, and location.

Other factors to consider when selecting a hotel are its proximity to local attractions and the ability to get there easily, and its level of comfort and cleanliness. For example, a hotel with an indoor pool might be a good choice for families, as is one with an on-site gym. Keeping an eye on pricing trends over time can also be beneficial, as it can allow you to jump on savings when they’re available.

The cheapest rates are often found through hotel booking websites. These sites can sift through dozens of hotel booking options to find the lowest rates. They usually include taxes that other sites may bury in their results, and they can save you money by allowing you to book through the hotel directly. They can also show you the hotel’s own site and OTAs to compare prices. However, there is no substitute for tracking prices on your own to ensure you’re getting the best deal. This can take a little extra effort, but it’s worth it to be able to save more on your hotel stay.