Hotels – Three Major Hotel Types in the World


Hotels – Three Major Hotel Types in the World

Hotels provide the accommodation for one or more people. A hotel is generally an establishment which offers paid accommodation on a temporary basis, for a specific duration. Usually, facilities provided in a hotel room can range from a basic, inexpensive bed in a small space to large, fully furnished suites with additional facilities such as swimming pools, gyms, and meeting rooms. The term ‘hotel’ can also cover any kind of lodging that a person can stay in, for example, a hostel, cottages, camping sites, motels, apartments and private houses. Hotels have several forms, including hotels, guest houses, inns, and camping sites, to meet the requirements of different people. There are other names, including boarding houses and private houses.

The range of accommodations offered by hotels and motels include five-star hotels, boutique hotels, business hotels, budget motels, deluxe motels, mid-range hotels, traditional hotels, luxury hotels, serviced apartments, self-catering cottages and many more. These hotels and motels can be classified according to their sizes, amenities offered, star ratings and the location of the establishments. These accommodations are categorized further, such as luxury hotels, chain hotels, mid-range hotels, family hotels and affordable hotels.

Most of these hotels and hostels offer a wide variety of accommodations to travelers looking for a comfortable stay. In these establishments, guests are typically located in individual rooms. As opposed to hotels, these lodgings typically located in recreational centers or theme parks. Guestrooms in these hotels and hostels typically feature king-sized beds, while shared bathroom facilities are common, along with televisions, cable TV, DVD players, mini-refrigerators, exercise equipment, and private balconies. Generally, these accommodations provide all necessary comforts for a comfortable stay.

A few types of overnight accommodations in the world today are extended stay hotels, short-term hotels, premium hotels and dormitory-style hotels. For travelers looking for a more comfortable stay, they usually opt for one of the extended stay hotels that are available in most cities throughout the world today. While accommodations in the extended stay hotels are more comfortable, they are usually expensive. Many of these hotels are serviced by the local bus system, while some of them even have their own restaurants.

Short-term hotels are also popular among travelers who are looking for a temporary place to stay. Since these hotels are more affordable, they are ideal choices for travelers on a tight budget. Many of these hotels can provide double room accommodations and are serviced by local buses, trains, and taxis. Guestrooms in these hotels generally feature the features mentioned above and some feature private balconies. This type of hotel is best suitable for families and small groups.

The third type of hotels is the motels. These hotels are known to offer cheaper hotel prices than other types of hotels. However, most of the motels are usually located in areas where there are a large number of travelers who are looking for a place to sleep. As a result, these hotels may not always be available during peak periods.