Hotel Credit Cards – Find the Right Hotel Brand For Your Trip

Best hotels in Brooklyn are hard to identify due to the large number of options that you have. To get the best hotel in Brooklyn, you should ask around and find out what real owners and people have to say about the various hotels in the area. The best hotel in Brooklyn is a luxury all inclusive New York hotel. Located on the East Side of Brooklyn, just off Manhattan’s East Side, the Ritz-Carlton Brooklyn hotel (Editor’s Choice) offers a luxurious, comfortable feeling on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, close to Macy’s at Broadway and Myrtle Avenue. Even if you are not a visitor to New York, this is still the best place to stay for your personal or business needs. With a full staff, the hotel has all the comforts of home while also providing a one-of-a-kind feel that other luxury New York hotels do not.

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Travelers are drawn to this hotel chain because of its many complimentary features. Among these include a free breakfast each morning, a breakfast that includes juice, a sandwich, and a cup of coffee. Other breakfast dishes include toast and a granola cereal. The Ritz-Carlton’s complimentary amenities do not end there. Many guests also report having fresh milk delivered each morning, a welcome change from the standard Metropass.

However, not only does the Ritz Carlton offer complimentary breakfast, the hotel itself is also noteworthy for being the only four star rated New York inn that does not offer a free breakfast. This, according to reviews, makes the Inn one of the most unique and accommodating places to stay in Brooklyn. When one reviewer writes that she found the Ritz Carlton to be “consistently excellent” even when it came to her personal needs, many readers share her opinion.

Marriott is another popular and well-known hotel chain in New York City. One of its most notable features is its promotion of its Stay at AMort Limited Edition program, which offers free breakfast each morning to qualified guests. Reports from several readers describe the program as impressive, but one reviewer notes that free breakfasts from this particular resort sometimes run out fast. Another loyal reader comments that the free breakfast from the Marriott is “generally decent,” though she noted that she occasionally had to pay a small additional fee for extra items.

The other two hotel chains that rank high on customer satisfaction and customer service in the Big Apple are the Four Seasons and the Sheraton. In an email to its clients, the Sheraton praised its “fusion of classic design and modern technology.” According to one customer who give the hotel a mixed review, many of the upscale guestrooms at the Sheraton are equipped with whirlpools, but the hotel’s central guest pool lacks enough space for a larger version. A majority of the hotel’s rooms have televisions with built-in DVD players, but a few of the rooms do not. Neither hotel offers its guests housekeeping services, although the Four Seasons does offer housekeeping services for a small extra charge.

The best hotel credit cards that you can get are those with points programs. These programs may pay for themselves over time, as the benefits of staying at a prestigious establishment often make the extra money well worth the effort. As they say, “You get what you pay for,” so it would probably be wise to avoid hotels with the cheapest suites and lowest points programs. The more amenities you get, the better off you will be in your overall trip.